Trekking y Volcanes

half day


Hike over the Catarpe Valley with a wide view of the Andes Mountains and the town of San Pedro de Atacama.

It ends by going down the sand dunes of the Valley of Mars.
* Low level hike but difficult due to high temperatures.
altitude 2,500 masl


Duration: 3-4 hrs
Entrance fee / entrances: CLP $ 2,500 p / p.


half day


Hike through a hidden landscape in the creeks of the pre mountain range
to get to a natural hot spring water heated
due to the volcanic influence in the area.
* Hike in height
Altitude 3,500 masl


duration: 2-3 hrs
difficulty: medium
distance: 6 KM.

Vilama - Katarpe

half day


Live a unique experience crossing ravines and canyons
to connect a walk that joins the Vilama and San Pedro rivers.
Altitude 2,600 masl


duration: 2-3 hrs
difficulty: easy
distance: 6 KM.



half day


From the viewpoints of the Valley of the Moon a walk through gorges and crystal canyons
de sal takes us to the Los Flamencos National Reserve.
altitude 2,400 masl


duration: 2-3 hrs
difficulty: easy
distance: 6 KM.


half day


Walk along the rivers that are born in the mountain range and go through the valley of the cacti following old shepherd routes.
altitude 3,200 masl


duration: 2-3 hrs
difficulty: medium
distance: 5.5 KM.

Coya Cup

full day


Close to the Tatio geothermal field, it is a place of great beauty due to the landscapes that it offers us losing ourselves in the Andes Mountains.
* Long duration with high altitude 4,300 meters above sea level


duration: 4-5 hrs
difficulty: Medium / High
distance: 10 KM.


full day


Walk through old caravan and grazing roads that connected small villages or lost communities in the middle of the Andes Mountains.
altitude 3,900 masl


duration: 5-6 hrs
difficulty: High
distance: 10 km


Lascar volcano

full day


It is located 2 hours south of San Pedro de Atacama. It is an active volcano and you can see its fumarole almost every day of the year. It is a volcano of great importance for the local people.
altitude 5,500 masl


duration: 4-5 hrs.
difficulty: difficult
distance: 7 KM.

Cerro Toco

full day


Cerro Toco is an excellent option to live the experience of a high altitude trekking starting at 5,000 meters above sea level and reaching its summit at 5,600 meters above sea level. It is only 50 minutes away
from San Pedro de Atacama, it gives us an incredible view of the Juiruqes Volcano and Licancabur Volcano.
altitude 5,600 masl


duration: 4-5 hrs.
difficulty: medium
distance: 5 KM.

Other Volcanoes

full day


There are many volcanoes and mountains on the
5,700 masl in this area. Each of them with different heights and levels of difficulty, we invite you to join the adventure and accompany us on expeditions to any of these


Licancabur: 5,920 masl
Juriques: 5,700 masl
Tumiza: 5,650 masl
Soquete: 5,400 masl
Colorado: 5,800 masl
Sairecabur: 5,990 masl
Acamarachi: 6,060 masl


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