Leaving to the south of San Pedro de Atacama to reach these salty lagoons and enter the Salar de Atacama.
altitude 2,400 masl


duration: 2-3 hrs.
difficulty: easy
distance: 14 KM.

Vilama / Devil's Throat


From the Rio Vilama we follow grazing routes to reach the
Catarpe Valley.
altitude 2,600 masl


duration: 2-3 hrs
difficulty: medium
distance: 10 KM.

Devil's Throat / San Isidro


We go up the gorge and go down to the church of San Isidro.
altitude 2,400 masl


duration: 3-4 hrs
difficulty: medium
distance: 10 KM.

The Tunnel / Cornices


We went up Catarpe to cross an old tunnel in the Cordillera de la Sal and then pedal towards the Valle de Marte.
Altitude 2,500 masl


duration: 5-6 hrs
difficulty: High
distance: 10 KM.


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